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Sydwell Intenational Academy is a story of success and faith. The Founder and CEO comes from a humble beginning but through God’s love and grace has moved all the way to become a channel for rays of hope reaching out to the world.

Sydwell Academy offers tutoring and training to students world wide through a very robust teaching platform at Currently we have students form United Kingdom, Russia , Zambia, Malawi and the the US just to mention a few. We also undertake teaching research consultancies and training.

We set a classroom for every student anywhere in the world to achieve student’s goals.

We aim at providing world-class education for every student anywhere in the world.

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Sydwell ICBP was born out of the desire to inspire and support communities through education, heath, water and sanitation services.

Sydwell offers an Intergrated Capacity Building Support Program aimed at helping children and their families move out of poverty. We offer scholarships to needy students and support their families with income generating activities.

Sydwell has several resource pools from which we draw from to impliment this project. Currently we run Sydwell interntaional Academy and Sydwell EWASH project. We are also very grateful for the support we receive from well wishers and donors. Visit our main resource platform on

Our education content if free. However there is also personalised support that can be accessed at a small fee from our online academy on, First lesson is free. So book now! through the link below. Thank you.

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